Accidents Happening Due To Manholes

Now-a-days accidents caused by gutters, manholes, sewage tank are becoming very often. This is just due to negligence of local government towards sanitary measures in their respective areas. Many accidents are encountered due to open manholes, sewage tanks, gutters. Sometimes , bikers in dense fog where there is zero visibility often falls fortuitously , cars got stuck in the vent of the open gutters and leads too severe traffic jams . Blind people, children while playing, pups or animals are sporadically tumble in the manhole and even lose their lives. This is happen due to non uniformity towards sanitary checks, irregular visit of sweepers, cleaners, helpers. Sometimes, due to some construction work like fitting a boring pump , hand pump etc the workers left the unearthed mud pit uncovered these pits are of more than 20 feet of depth and if left uncovered over longer period of time it may cause callous catastrophe for any living being. Use this link for gutter guard.

Steps taken to prevent these mishaps
This is true we cannot control the happening but we can prevent the mishap to occur by following some preventive measure towards open manholes , gutters , pits , construction dig , sewage holes etc ; these are-
• Inform the administration, municipality about the open gutter, sewage tank etc where ever come across it.
• Try to cover the open manholes, gutters by wooden planks, later on can be replaced by the apt quality gutter leaf guard by the municipalities etc.
• If unable to inform the local governing body, try to warn other travellers, populace about the open sewage tank, gutters, manholes etc by putting some danger sign on that place like red cloth hanging on a stick or can put a small board of warning.

Need of covering manholes, gutters

Swathing the manholes not only just avoids the mishaps, accidents on the contrary it also keep many infectious disease at a bay as according to an old English saying “cleanliness is next to godliness”. However , it is a widely known fact that gutters , manholes are the hub of many bacteria , insects – cockroaches , rats ,mosquitoes , fleas , house flies etc so directly it gives pace to many disease to happen such as plague , typhoid , jaundice , malaria etc which may result into epidemic. So, it is imperative to cover the manholes, gutters etc. While in rainy season due to open gutters there can be water overflow of the water inside the gutter resulting to inconvenience too many pedestrians, motorists, animals, locals etc.