Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spalshbacks

There are great ideas when you need to give your kitchen that new and modern looks. Form beautiful looking cabinets to painted walls, now you can add splash backs. Splash backs are those shiny looking places in the kitchen that gives a reflection and make your kitchen look all so awesome. These are really great addition to any kitchen project but can also come at a price.

Since when you decide to get glass splashbacks for your kitchen you could find out you have ended up spending more than you initially planned. It is important to consider such a decision carefully. Most times people jump into, making house modifications without thinking about the financial implications. A splash back is great but could cut you back a few pennies. In this article we give a review of splash back by taking an honest look at its pros and cons.


There are many reasons why many people like you will jump to go for splash back and some are enlisted below.

  • Reflection: These are shiny and they give off light beautifully. They are great for places where light does not reach easily. They can light up the kitchen beautifully and the reflection they create can add depth. Other wall types like tiles will not come close in comparison when the light reflection they give of is at play.
  • Maintenance: Unlike other types of walls like tiles that will easily gather mould and dirt and are not very easy to clean, splash back are very easy to clean. All that is needed is to wipe them clean and you are good to go. Even those with very busy schedules can manage them perfectly.
  • Color: when you make use of glass for the splash back, you also get to get them in a variety of colors. They can come in green, red, blue or any color you can imagine. This means they can be adapted to fit existing décor or blend into it.
  • Special features: they can be made to order and can be made with added features. It is possible to add light that brings out the beauty of the splash back. The special features that can be added can really make a kitchen look exceptionally beautiful.
  • Unique designs: there are popular designs and then there are unique designs for glass window replacement that can be had for the asking. You can get them in very special designs if you so choose.


There are some disadvantages to having splash backs installed

  • Cost: because most of them are custom made, they can be very expensive
  • Installation: the process of installing the glass is not straightforward and may require many trips to and from the house where it is being installed.