The Need To Strengthen The Masonry Work

The need to strengthen masonry work comes around when mortar becomes loose and starts to fall off. That happens to the walls of homes. When this kind of job is attempted, a scaffold trowel or ladder needs to be set up and the job needs to be started from the top and one needs to move down progressively. There are tools required like a lump hammer which is necessary for brick pointing. In order to apply the new mix one needs to add on a piece of mortar. Often the bricks have seams which are struck with pipe pieces in order to add on professional finish.

The importance of masonry

Many might find the process of brick pointing as unnecessary and tedious, but it is a task that is vital. When a house has loose mortar between the bricks it might be damaged by damp air. This seeps into the brickwork and creates extensive damages. The external structure of any building gets battered by weather conditions for a long time and this leads to the mortar being loosened up. The process of repointing bricks takes a lot of time that needs to be done with small tools.

Tools for extensive work

When a wall needs extensive repairs, simply a ladder might not be enough and one would have to set up a scaffolding trowel. The job then requires the workmen to be working from a height and with power tools. The base needs to be steady on which one has to stand and with both hands free. When the ladder needs to be used, one needs to hold the ladder firmly while the other works with the tools. In these cases the mortar pointing process needs to be done from the top and one needs to move down gradually. One needs to use a lump hammer and a bolster chisel for this process.

Process of mortar mixing

A finger trowel should be used to mix the mortar and place it on the seams. One should not mix a lot of mortar at a time as it hardens up very fast. After the mortar sets the seam needs to be hit with a trowel or a piece or pipe. This will help to add on a quality finish.

Experience required

Those who are working on the repoitning of bricks process need to be experienced in this regard.

Having been trained in apprenticeship will help one to know the process and the detailing that is required. It is necessary to appoint a qualified contractor for the work and get the right workers to the task. It is best that one calls in the contractor who worked on the project in the first time.