Things To Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

When you consider renovating your home, the bathroom is the one room that you should plan most carefully for a number of reasons, not only because it is the place where people spend a lot of their time pampering themselves and relaxing, but also because upgrades should make keeping hygiene and cleanliness a breeze.
As a rule, bathroom renovations should be done well so that you won’t need to do any major makeovers for several years to come, while the final look of the bathroom should match the design of your house.
Moreover, think carefully whether you will sell your property in the near future or not; if the answer is positive, you have all the more reasons to consider a full upgrade, given that proper bathroom renovations are known to increase the value of any house. That is why there are some things you should consider before actually beginning the renovation work of your bathroom.
Pre-renovation to-do list
Firstly, envision your dream bathroom, the things that you would like to have there, and the things that you really need. Think of the colors, textures and other characteristics (such as being waterproof) of the walls and floors, the presence or absence of tile, the size and look of the tub, shower, sink, vanity unit, benchtop, mirrors, door handles, etc. Will you order these items directly or will you have them custom made to fit the space available, for instance?
Secondly, considering the above, ask yourself who will do the actual work: do you need to hire a handyman, or can friends lend you a helping hand? The latter may be an option if you will not redo the entire room, but just replace the vanity unit, for example.
Thirdly, think of your budget. Write down how much labor is likely to cost, then make a list of the fixtures and accessories you wish to purchase or replace, plus their prices. This way, you will get a clear picture of how much you can afford to spend so that you won’t have to cut short your renovation project when you run out of money
Next, plan each step carefully alongside your contractor, so that you know how long the ordering and delivering of items, the renovation and subsequent clean up are likely to take. Also, make sure to hire an experienced contractor who is able to detect and fix any hidden problems, such as those caused by water damage or corroded plumbing, and, as long as you are upgrading your bathroom, consider making it more functional by adding more shelves and other storage solutions that also provide easy access.